Conference Early Registration Extended / Cloud Additions

The initial conference session agenda has been established.  Once it’s approved by the user group board of directors, BRdata will begin the “calling all speakers” process to assign the user experience case studies.  Please contact me if you’re interested in presenting one of the planned case studies.  In anticipation of another conference attendance record and partner participation, we have extended the early registration rate two weeks.

There are three noteworthy recent additions to BRdata Cloud.  The basket analysis reporting now has an Affinity Analysis report.  This utility allows you to track which items commonly sell with specific UPC.  Merchandisers and marketers can use this report for promoting sales through UPC likeness.  For example, when processing the report for hummus, it will indicate which items most often sold with the inquired UPC.  Additionally, the customer loyalty reports were enhanced to select quartiles of customers, indicating group ranking by customer.  Time is traditionally spent targeting the top 25% of customers in the first quartile, but the second, third, and fourth quartile can also use some attention.  This feature will quickly identify the desired customers to be queried.  We also added a transaction lookup report in the loss prevention section, which enables you to query for transactions that meet one or multiple criteria.  You can then drill down to see the details of each of the transactions.

Lastly, those of you who are familiar with the reporting from BRdata Profit Analyzer should be happy to learn that by popular demand, this functionality will soon be available in BRdata Cloud.  The groundwork has been completed to present the drill-down of store, department, category, sub-category, and item views of sales and profits.  These customary Profit Analyzer analytics will be accessible in web-based reports and dashboards – stay tuned.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support. 


John Abbene
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BRdata World 2018 Registration is Open

BRdata is pleased to announce that registration is now open for our next user’s conference, a three-day event occurring September 23-25, 2018. We are also excited to be moving the conference to a new location – The Fox Hollow, which is an exclusive Long Island conference facility, located in Woodbury, NY.

Business and IT professionals from our user group community gather each year at BRdata World to enhance their knowledge of BRdata enterprise technology, streamline complex processes, and respond to industry disruption. Attendees listen firsthand to success stories from leaders in the independent grocery industry. With more than twelve customer speakers, you’re guaranteed to gain significant insights, as they discuss best practices, while illuminating their journey to success. Hear inspiring keynotes from industry experts in marketing, digital technology, and governmental affairs affecting the grocery industry.

As technology progresses faster than ever, grocery retailers and wholesalers cannot afford to be left behind. You and your team need to stay ahead of the curve, so you can create, support, and advance the technology which gives your company a competitive edge. As more and more users adopt BRdata Cloud technology, they are thrilled about how they can effortlessly retrieve daily department sales comparisons and item movement query results from all stores in their enterprise, using an Apple or Android app. Releases are pushed every two weeks from our agile development department – ensure you are benefitting from everything that BRdata Cloud has to offer.

Learn how you can promote your brand, while increasing customer engagement, and loyalty with a consumer app in your chain or store to target your customers before, during, and after they shop. In today’s marketplace, it is imperative to implement an e-commerce solution to provide consumers the option to order groceries online for pickup or delivery, while mitigating the risks of lost sales to a growing number of competitors in the online grocery space. See how retailers have avoided integration issues and unwarranted high fees by choosing the BRdata e-commerce platform.

While at the conference, attendees can visit the Tech Pavilion, where you can experience the newest and most powerful technology from our partners and BRdata. We have a great lineup of extensive and interactive technical and product sessions, as well as fun events for you to take advantage of the invaluable networking with your peers.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.


John Abbene
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Top Six Trends For Independent Grocers In 2018

by Adam Abbene, Sales Manager, BRdata

In today’s hyper-competitive grocery market, independent grocers need to utilize every tool and technology available to optimize every aspect of their operation. In the months ahead, that means independent grocers will rely more than ever on cloud-based systems to enhance and complement their capabilities in customer service, inventory management, data analysis and more.

Real-time, cloud-based consumer data and store analytics can help owners and managers of independent grocers make informed decisions quickly by making it easier and more convenient than ever to recognize and react to insights related to practically every aspect of the store.

Here are six trends that are among the reasons 2018 is the year of the cloud for independent grocers.

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Save the Date – BRdata World 2018 – September 23-25

It’s a new year, which brings planning for our next user’s conference. We are set to open the conference registration within the next 45 days, but want to give our attendees and business partners as much advanced notice on the dates as possible. BRdata World 2018, our 11th annual user’s conference, will once again be in New York, on Long Island. As our cloud, app, e-commerce, store, and enterprise solutions continue to rapidly expand, we will have another educational and networking packed agenda. And with the BRdata User Group community size at an all-time high, we expect this conference to be our most well attended to date.

The NGA trade show, at the Mirage in Las Vegas, is less than two weeks away. If you plan on attending, we hope to see you at our booth, or in attendance at our user group meeting on Monday, February 12th at 5:00 pm – after the show floor closes. Stop by our booth to test drive our solutions, including our revamped e-commerce platform, and for the user group meeting details.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.


John Abbene
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Year in Review – Upcoming Trade Shows

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season.  As 2017 ends, BRdata would like to reflect on this year’s accomplishments.  We are proud to report another record-breaking sales year, which includes a 20% growth in sales, and an increase in personnel to an all-time high.  We now offer a fully integrated e-commerce platform for retailers looking for a powerful, affordable, back-office data-driven, end to end solution.  We launched the BRdata Cloud app – which provides an enterprise sales dashboard and item movement views – and the BRdata Store app – which includes a meat grind-log solution, and is the basis for our transition from the store level Windows client application.  There were several enhancements added to the BRdata Cloud solution – including numerous new reports and features, enhanced customer loyalty, in-lane digital coupons for RORC point of sale, production planning, and automated report emailing.  There have also been two major releases to the BRdata enterprise suite – versions 8.07 and 8.08.

BRdata World 2017, our 10th annual user’s conference, was a well-attended success.  The feedback for the industry speakers, case studies, networking, and education was overwhelmingly positive.  We elected a new user group president and added several grocery industry veterans to the BRUG board of directors.

We have two big trade show events over the next two months.  We hope to have the opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate our new technologies, either at NRF in New York City, on January 14-16, or at NGA in Las Vegas, on February 11-14, 2018.  If you are attending NGA, please plan on joining us, and your peers, at a BRdata user group (BRUG) meeting on Monday, February 12th, at 5:00 pm, in the Mirage hotel.

Although this past year has been a great success, it could not have been possible without our dedicated BRdata family of associates, customers, and partners.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.  Here’s to a Happy New Year from everyone at the BRdata family.  We look forward to a healthy, prosperous 2018 – and beyond.

John Abbene
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BRdata Store App Released / Cloud Analytics

BRdata recently released the BRdata Store App for iOS.  The initial version includes our Meat Grind Log and Markdown cloud based solutions, in addition to access to our knowledge base video library.  The Meat Grind Log feature will empower retailers to easily launch a centralized grind log tracking solution – say goodbye to the inefficient and potentially inaccurate manual tracking.  I attended a retail technology meeting yesterday, where a grocery retailer reported that the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) audited his store and were not satisfied with the manual paper tracking system he had implemented.  The BRdata Store App can quickly solve this issue.

Instead of putting a stock “amount off” tag or crossing out the barcode with a marker, the Markdown feature of the app provides a way for retailer’s to easily markdown products by printing a new barcode to a Zebra Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer.  The new marked down price prints in the barcode and is placed over the original barcode.  Loss prevention audit reports are also provided.

The BRdata Store App requires login credentials to BRdata Cloud.  Upcoming features for the BRdata Store App are DSD receiving and price verification.

To better understand the needs of our cloud subscribers, we have started tracking report usage in BRdata Cloud.  These analytics will be provided in our bi-weekly cloud update emails.  For customers who are not receiving the BRdata Cloud update emails, the current top 5 cloud reports are:

  1. Item Movement
  2. Retail Department Sales
  3. Item Movement Totals
  4. Financial Store Totals
  5. Weekly Department Financials.

Please email us at or for more information on the BRdata Store App or BRdata Cloud.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.  Happy Holidays from everyone at the BRdata family.


John Abbene
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Consumer Apps as a Tool to Build Customer Loyalty

Michael Abbene, Product Specialist
November 14, 2017

Grocery shoppers have an abundance of choices these days. Not only can they select between stores in their immediate area, but now global online retailers will deliver right to their door. As an independent grocer, you’re in a great position to know your local customers’ needs better than most, but in an age where convenience is a key factor in consumer decision making, you need the tools to show current and new customers that you have the products, promotions and programs they value. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by engaging with them via the medium where they spend so much of their time—their personal smartphone and tablet. 

Recent data shows that 86 percent of time spent on personal mobile phones is spent using apps, compared to only 14 percent using a browser. If you’re relying on your website alone to share deals and offers, customers likely won’t see all your store has to offer. A consumer app is one way to give customers easy access to coupons, loyalty programs, discounts, promotions and more. Through an app, a platform like BRdata Connect can provide customers with useful store information and you with insightful analytical data. 

The app is customizable to your store’s needs with an easily navigable branded homepage and menu, email and push notifications on upcoming deals, coupon clipping abilities, store locator, reward redemption, recipes, weekly ads and more. Plus, through BRdata Connect, BRdata can access and compile user data to provide meaningful consumer insights, helping you tailor your products, offers, service and app functionality to your loyal customers.  

The choices of busy consumers are often guided by convenience. Adding an app to your store’s arsenal can mean the difference for a busy mom who doesn’t have time to physically cut coupons or a young professional looking for an easy dinner recipe and the ingredients to make it. Plus, with the behind-the-scenes data you’ll know which features are truly making a difference in maintaining customer loyalty.  

BRdata Brings Together More than 50 Grocers, Wholesalers and Technology Companies at 10th Annual BRdata World Conference

Michael Abbene, Product Specialist
October 26, 2017

The impact of the Millennial Generation on retail services and technologies, the increasing importance of data and analytics, potential new federal legislation, and other trends shaping the independent grocery market were discussed at the recent BRdata World conference. Grocers also learned about the latest solutions from BRdata and other software companies that are available or being developed to meet grocer’s evolving needs.

Attendees at the technology-focused conference participated in sessions hosted by industry experts and peers on topics such as data and store analytics, e-commerce integration, digital coupon distribution, markdowns, automated ordering, cloud reporting, organic/natural product integration, and more. During the breakout sessions customers showed a strong interest in utilizing BRdata to efficiently manage inventory, DSD, price optimization, computer generated ordering, and AD planning.

New York University professor, John O’Malley, also spoke about the importance to grocers of positioning their business to delight a multi-generational consumer base. During his session he stressed the importance of companies asking themselves: why do we exist as an enterprise, who is our customer, what do they value, how do we measure if we met their expectations or not, and how do we create more customers. The event’s agenda is developed by the BRdata User Group.

Another common theme amongst attendees was that access to data and store analytics is increasingly important to stay competitive while maintaining margins. BRdata’s rapidly growing set of cloud reports and dashboard features allows retailers to stay ahead of the data analytics curve.

The release of the first version of the BRdata Store App later this year was also announced. This first iteration of this application contains Grind Log and Markdown functionality. Future iterations will contain additional store functionality. With this application, users will now be able to create and print markdowns on the fly then instantly switch over to auditing or entering meat grind activities. Additionally, this application enables users to easily stream the BRdata webinars.

Nick Minnick from Quotient ( discussed the targeting of digital coupons based on consumer purchase patterns and store availability. This functionality will be ready to be added to BRdata consumer applications in the next couple months.

“The retail industry, particularly grocery, is rapidly changing. Customers expect services and conveniences that did not exist even two years ago. Retailers must adapt quickly or lose out to competitors,” said John Abbene, President, BRdata. “It’s an exciting time with new technology and analytics that grocers can utilize to enhance, monitor and continually improve the customer experience and the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. BRdata World serves as a forum for grocers, wholesalers and vendors to share their perspectives and best practices for success in today’s dynamic market.”

BRdata offers an extensive range of back-office software solutions and cloud capabilities at an affordable monthly cost, including:

  • BRdata Cloud: enables grocers to track financials, item movement, basket analysis, loyalty and competitive pricing
  • BRdata Connect: a branded consumer app that allows retailers to engage directly with consumers through a variety of features, such as recipes, targeted deals, store locator and push notifications
  • BRdata Collect: an e-commerce service that allows customers to order groceries online
  • BRdata Back Office: An enterprise back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains

Attendees heard about the latest features and functionalities from BRdata, as well as other vendor partners including DUMAC (RORC), Retail Technologies, Inc., CipherLab, Millennium Digital Technologies, ShoptoCook, WorldPay, FMS Solutions, Invatron Systems, Lone Peak Labeling Systems, and Seagull Scientific (BarTender).

New Morning Market, a gourmet local, organic food market in Woodbury, Connecticut, was among the independent grocers attending the conference. An IT manager from New Morning Market commented, “I was very encouraged and excited by the new developments made by BRdata and the direction the company is going in.”

“It was very helpful to network with other retailers and share knowledge about how they are utilizing BRdata solutions,” added another attendee. “I have taken a lot of information away from my first BRdata World conference which I hope to implement at our organization.”

Access Reporting Anywhere, Anytime Through the Cloud

Michael Abbene, Product Specialist
October 18, 2017

Staying competitive as an independent grocer in today’s market means you need to act fast in response to trends and consumer expectations. Alternatively, you never want to make a business decision without thinking through the reasons behind it and potential implications. Real-time cloud-based consumer data and store analytics can help you do both by making it easier and more convenient than ever to quickly understand and react to insights related to every aspect of your store.

Through a cloud reporting service, like BRdata Cloud, you can access real-time data and run analysis reports from anywhere you have a browser – at your store, at home or on a business trip, on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, truly anywhere. From analyzing the features of your customer loyalty program to reviewing your financials and hourly sales, you can run a plethora of reports, dashboards and subsets to better understand the factors currently impacting your business.

Reports based on data analytics take the guess work out of the promotions, programs and products your store offers as you’re able to track customers’ shopping preferences, habits, spending and more. Plus, full integration with your back-office system ensures that your data is current, accurate and provides meaningful insights, all packaged in an easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, the number of reports and app functionality are rapidly growing. New reports or features are added every two weeks!

A clear understanding of the elements that are making a difference in your store can help you refocus, eliminate what’s not working, and spend more time on what is driving business success. Visit to learn more about what a cloud-based reporting solution can do for your business.

New Branding Launched

September 29, 2017

After several months of hard work and preparation, BRdata World 2017 has quickly come and gone.  The feedback from the conference was overwhelmingly positive.  We are grateful to everyone who was part of this exciting event.  At the conference, BRdata launched a new logo, website, and video training channel.  Attendees at the technology-focused conference participated in sessions hosted by industry experts and peers on topics such as data and store analytics, e-commerce integration, digital coupon distribution, markdowns, automated ordering, cloud reporting, organic/natural product support, and more.  New York University professor John O’Malley also spoke about the importance to grocers of positioning their business to delight a multi-generational consumer base.

During the conference, Paul Pugh for Associated Food Stores was elected as President for the BRdata User Group board of directors, and new board members were added – Karen Bird from Harmons, Wayne Miller from Mother’s Market, and Ladwina Isaac from Associated Supermarket Group.  BRUG looks forward to Paul’s leadership, in addition to the feedback and insight from our new board members.

As always thank for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.


John Abbene
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