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One of the many advantages for BRdata e-commerce retailers is the ability to track inventory to reduce consumer frustration caused by out-of-stocks. Version 8.09 of BRdata Enterprise Host and Store includes the ability to track inventory back to a master UPC. For example, we may sell several UPCs for strawberries or blueberries, but all we’re concerned about is the total amount sold and available inventory – whether in the store or online. With this new feature, it does not matter how many UPCs are linked to the item when all purchasing and sales link back to the master item for reporting and inventory.

Many retailers are implementing e-commerce solutions, but with high subscription and transaction fees, are these sales profitable?  The good news is that cost-effective e-commerce sales are within reach.  For anyone who has not seen our vastly enhanced e-commerce platform, I encourage them to look at the recent hour-long webinar at their leisure, which demonstrates all the new features and enhancements – the link to the webinar is in the knowledgebase.  Additionally, there are a few other ways to keep up with this fast-moving development.  Users can subscribe to our monthly e-commerce update email – which details all the enhancements, attend a focus group meeting – to suggest an enhancement, or simply schedule a demo.  Please contact Mike Abbene, at mikea@brdata.com, for more information on BRdata e-commerce, to subscribe to the newsletter or focus group, or for credentials to test-drive the demo site. 

BRdata Cloud App users now have date-driven store and department sales comparison dashboards available at their fingertips.  Grocery retail executives, directors, and managers rely on this app daily to quickly identify growth and decline within the store.  Cloud users can simply download this app from the App Store or Google Play and login using their existing credentials.


John Abbene
BRdata | johna@brdata.com