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BRdata Cloud continues its rapid growth with two new major offerings: Cloud Vendor Portal and Scan Promotion Tracking.  Grocery retailers and wholesalers can now add seamless communications to their Master Data Management (MDM) systems by allowing their vendors and brokers to upload item, cost, and promotional information to BRdata Cloud Vendor Portal.  Vendors like this solution because their single uploads can support hundreds of stores depending on the region. Through this platform, all parties can potentially reduce costs and increase efficiencies.  These systems will undoubtedly integrate into existing BRdata databases effortlessly, however, using BRdata in the Store or HQ is not a requirement to utilize the Cloud Vendor portal. 

Affiliated Foods Inc, based out of Amarillo, is implementing BRdata Cloud to track scan-based promotions throughout their 428-store co-operative.  Through Scan Promotion Tracking, BRdata Cloud processes the transaction log data from the stores to track the number of times promotional items were purchased.  At the end of the promotion, BRdata Cloud generates invoices for the vendors and brokers, in addition to providing the necessary data feeds for validation.   

BRdata World is a little more than twelve weeks away.  We’re excited to report that the attendee registration is more than double the pace of last year’s conference and as a result, the conference hotel is filling up quickly.  If you plan on attending, please register soon to ensure your spot at the event hotel.

Please email if you would like more information on BRdata Cloud Vendor Portal or Scan Promotion Tracking.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.  

John Abbene
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