Annual BRdata World Conference to Highlight the Role of Technology in Helping Grocers Maintain Competitiveness and Preserve Margins

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Attendees will get a firsthand look at how BRdata technology solutions can help them participate in the latest retail trends and exceed customer expectations


Melville, N.Y., September 10, 2018 – BRdata World 2018 gives attendees the opportunity to explore ways to use cloud, mobile, and in-store technology solutions to streamline their operations, increase profits, and access actionable analytics, while enhancing the customer’s shopping experience and connection to their brand. Registration is still open for the conference which will take place at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury, New York, from September 23rd to 25th. The event, hosted by enterprise software company, BRdata, will comprise more than 50 presentations and panel discussions featuring industry experts and peers. The conference agenda is developed by the BRdata User Group and will include sessions on e-commerce, cloud-based reporting solutions, the release of the vendor portal, top of the line Corporate Hosting and Price Optimization, and many other grocery retail technology trends.

Each afternoon, following inspirational and informative presentations from thought leaders like John O’Malley, Professor of Marketing at New York University, and Greg Ferrara, Executive Vice President Advocacy, Public Relations and Member Services, National Grocers Association (NGA), grocery professionals will be invited to choose from a wide variety of technical breakout sessions and get a closer look at how BRdata solutions can work for their store. The main keynote speaker, John Coyle, one of the world’s leading experts in Design Thinking as well as an Olympic silver medalist, Stanford and Kellogg MBA graduate, NBC Sports analyst, and Professor of Innovation, will share his intriguing expertise on the perceived acceleration of time, the cognitive biases and errors that govern “experiential time” and potential ways to slow the ticking of the clock.

Conference attendees can also look forward to case studies during which leaders in the independent grocery retail and wholesale industry will share their experiences and provide best practices for using and implementing BRdata technologies, including consumer apps and digital coupons, inventory management, Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) and effective utilization of cloud reporting and derivative analytics.

“BRdata World is designed to enlighten participants with best practices to ensure they are maximizing the use and investment in their back-office technology,” said John Abbene, president, BRdata. “In addition to getting an inside look at the rapidly changing and newest BRdata technology, attendees will hear success stories from leaders in the grocery industry, attend deep-dive sessions, and connect with fellow business and tech peers. The demonstrated cloud technology gives decision makers easy access to their consolidated data and insights, empowering them with information to grow sales and retain loyal customers.”

BRdata offers an extensive range of back-office software solutions and cloud-capable tools, including:

  • BRdata Cloud: enables grocers to track financials, item movement, basket analysis, loyalty and competitive pricing
  • BRdata Connect: a branded consumer app that allows retailers to engage directly with consumers through a variety of features, such as recipes, targeted deals, store locator and push notifications
  • BRdata E-commerce: a shopping service that allows customers to order groceries online
  • BRdata Back Office: an enterprise back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains.

At the conference, BRdata will unveil its new cloud-based vendor portal which enables users to grow strategic partnerships with suppliers by increasing the accuracy of item data while lowering operating costs, cost errors, and supplier fraud. Attendees will also hear about the latest features and functionalities from BRdata, including how the BRdata E-commerce platform can quickly provide an online marketplace while avoiding integration issues and unwarranted high fees, how BRdata Cloud can provide meaningful business intelligence anywhere via a web browser or mobile device utilizing data that grocers already have in their system, how BRdata’s loyalty offerings can drive customer engagement and loyalty, and how BRdata’s back office modules streamline grocers’ business operations.

Attendees can register for the conference and book rooms at a discounted rate here:

About BRdata

BRdata is the company that grocery retailers and wholesalers know and trust and a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions.  Applications include master item management, hosting, inventory, automated intelligent ordering, price optimization, DSD/DEX receiving, ad planning/deal tracking, merchandising, fresh item management, and warehouse management system (WMS).  BRdata Cloud services include dashboards, basket analysis, financials, item movement, vendor portal, customer loyalty, digital coupons, loss prevention, production planning, item image management, and meat grind-log tracking.  BRdata e-commerce is an easy, affordable, online shopping solution.  BRdata Connect is a white-label consumer app to reach customers, before, during, and after they shop.  BRdata supports over 6,500 installations through 2,500 customers, and over 150,000 app users.  8 out of the top 10 and 11 out of the top 14 independent grocery wholesalers either use, resell, or endorse BRdata solutions.