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The natural foods retailer uses BRdata Cloud to access and analyze
real-time data across its three store locations 


Melville, N.Y., April 24, 2019 – Thirty-eight years ago, Mustard Seed Market began as a unique grocery experience, selling only foods that adhered to its strict ingredient standards. The Ohio-based store was a pioneer in the natural foods retail space and has since expanded to include markets, cafés and catering in three stores. Facing the challenge of gaining insights from data spread across its locations, in 2017 Mustard Seed Market began using BRdata Cloud, a mobile-accessible, state-of-the-art reporting solution from enterprise software company BRdata. 

Prior to making the switch to BRdata Cloud, Mustard Seed Market managers had to print out sales reports, scan them and run movement in a separate BRdata software. With three stores each getting custom information, the process of formatting and emailing reports was eating away hours of valuable time every week. With BRdata Cloud, Mustard Seed Market was able to minimize – and in some cases completely eliminate – hard copies of reports. The retailer also reduced its number of company-wide emails as users can access sales and movement reports from BRdata Cloud as needed and schedule email reports as is convenient.  

“The time and labor savings of BRdata Cloud is just the start. We’re no longer tied to our desks when looking at reports as the solution allows us access to more robust data from anywhere,” said Josh Estafen, director of IT & category management, Mustard Seed Market. “What’s more is that through BRdata Cloud data analytics we’re able to more strategically plan promotions, supporting items that are purchased together or targeting departments that need a boost.” 

Affinity reports available through BRdata Cloud offer actionable insights so Mustard Seed Market can make informed business decisions based on the data. The solution also features a loss prevention section with transaction information that aids in customer service, particularly in cases of cross-store inquiries. And through the dashboard feature, Mustard Seed Market managers are able to see the big picture at a glance and drill into data as needed from any web-enabled device.

“We’re always looking for ways to ease the pain points and time thieves that our retail clients are dealing with and working to better understand how our solutions can drive their business success,” said John Abbene, president, BRdata. “Even after we implemented BRdata Cloud with Mustard Seed Market, we’ve evolved the solution to meet their specific needs, responding to their feedback with relevant updates that strengthen our partnership.”

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About BRdata
BRdata is a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions for the grocery retail and wholesale industry. Applications include master item management, hosting, inventory, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, DSD/DEX receiving, ad planning/deal tracking, merchandising, fresh item management, and warehouse management system (WMS). BRdata Cloud services include dashboards, basket analysis, financials, item movement, customer loyalty, digital coupons, loss prevention, production planning, and meat grind-log tracking. BRdata Collect is an easy, affordable, online shopping/e-commerce solution. BRdata Connect is a white-label consumer app to reach customers, before, during, and after they shop. BRdata supports over 6,500 installations through 2,500 customers, and over 100,000 app users. 8 out of the top 10 and 11 out of the top 14 independent grocery wholesalers either use, resell, or endorse BRdata solutions. 

About Mustard Seed Market
Founded in 1981 in Akron, Ohio by Margaret and Phillip Nabors, we are a family owned and operated business. We are pioneers in this work that began over 30 years ago with our strict ingredient standards—no artificial colors, flavorings or harmful chemical preservatives, no saccharin or aspartame, no irradiated foods, meats raised without the use of growth hormones and never fed animal by-products—and we continue our leadership today. Our Mission is: All of us at Mustard Seed Market & Café want you, your family and friends to eat well, always keep learning, embrace community and lead healthy and happy lives.