BRdata Cloud Provides Vallarta Supermarkets with Data-Fueled Insights for Improved Business Strategy and Operations

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  • BRdata Cloud Provides Vallarta Supermarkets with Data-Fueled Insights for Improved Business Strategy and Operations


Melville, N.Y., February 22, 2019 – Offering a wide variety of prepared foods and specialty items, Vallarta Supermarkets’ 50 stores are not just grocery stores but destinations for families living in and visiting the Los Angeles area. While the in-store experience offers unbeatable convenience to families on the go and young professionals, the prepared food model also presents unique operational challenges. 

Vallarta’s management team needed better line of sight and more effective tracking for sales of prepared and perishable items with a short shelf-life. The supermarket chain had been working with BRdata since 2002 so Cesar Rodriguez, Vallarta’s manager of corporate data support, knew he could rely on the enterprise software solutions provider to help. 

“We’re so proud of the evolution of Vallarta Supermarkets, and we needed new tools to help us operate efficiently as our stores expanded to offer more and more new products,” said Cesar. 

Through its use of BRdata Cloud, the Vallarta team is able to:

  • Access real-time analytics of sales and purchases. Vallarta compares the data against projected sales and adjusts accordingly based on those insights.
  • Provide actionable sales data to managers on their smartphones. Managers have access to previous day sales and item movement from anywhere at any time. 
  • Track perpetual inventory for perishables so that managers have visibility into sales and can use that data for more enlightened ordering in the produce and perishable departments.
  • Data mine the Microsoft SQL database for 3rd party applications. Vallarta conducts ongoing data mining to inform a central database so that fully integrated data can be used to make business decisions.

Cesar continued, “BRdata Cloud gives us the information we need to make informed decisions not just in one store, but across all 50. Without this tool we would be guessing at data that’s critical to our sales and business strategy. Our partnership with BRdata allows us to continue to grow with the peace of mind that we have the support of a cutting-edge solutions provider to meet our changing needs.”

“We are excited to partner with Vallarta on their digital transformation, using our cloud analytics specifically designed for the retail grocery industry,” said John Abbene, president, BRdata. “Now that they can effortlessly access their purchasing, sales, and inventory datasets, our next cloud endeavor is to transform Vallarta’s ordering platform, utilizing Android mobile devices. We look forward to continually renewing their technology, by deploying enhancements to BRdata Cloud every two weeks.”