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BRdata Cloud users can now track consolidated business intelligence sales reporting the same day.  The demand for BRdata Cloud reporting has increased, as our cloud-based ecosystem continually expands. Retailers are now requesting the ability to analyze chain-wide sales and promotion efficacy during the day, in addition to getting this information soon after the stores’ end-of-day process.  For example, users can now identify top moving promotion items in their stores the day of the sale, so they can quickly react to the changing needs of the consumer, while analyzing their behaviors.

The BRdata Profit Analyzer reporting supplies enterprise data mining on store, department, category/sub category, and item sales and profits.  Now BRdata Cloud App iPhone and Android users have these capabilities on their mobile devices – available from the C-Suite, to merchandising, to the district or store manager walking the store aisles.  Consumer behaviors can be identified utilizing top movers, customer counts, and item affinity views – empowering decision makers with the analytic tools necessary to maximize sales and profits.

The above-mentioned features are part of the affordable and module BRdata Cloud ecosystem.  Our grocery retail focused, and trusted cloud solution includes: financials, basket analysis, seamlessly integrated e-commerce click and collect, vendor portal, CPG deal tracking, dashboards, customer loyalty, item movement, hourly sales, customer counts, loss prevention, competitor surveys and analysis, production planning, ordering, cashier balancing, promotion entry, consumer app, image management, and grind log tracking.  Grocery retailers and wholesalers interested in these features should contact, while existing BRdata Cloud subscribers can contact

As always, thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.  


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