Boyer’s Food Implements Fully Integrated BRdata E-Commerce System

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The BRdata E-Commerce platform is live in Boyer’s Orwigsburg and Fleetwood stores


Melville, N.Y., July 17, 2018– Customers at Boyer’s Food are now able to order their groceries online for pick-up at their local store. The new service is supported by technology from enterprise software company BRdata and is fully integrated with Boyer’s back-office system, which is also driven by BRdata software. The complete solution enables live pricing updates and simplified item-by-store selection in the new e-commerce site, as well as seamless maintenance across the system. BRdata’s ability to tailor the e-commerce solution to Boyer’s needs provides a smooth integration as Boyer’s brings this convenient service to consumers in its eighteen locations.

Over the past couple of years, Boyer’s noticed an increase in the number of national and regional chains implementing online shopping as consumers embraced the trend. Boyer’s knew it was critical to get ahead of the competition with e-commerce, but first had to find a solution that would meet the needs of store managers, employees and customers without complicating operations or comprising service.

“We’ve been using BRdata’s back-office solution for the past year, so when it came to selecting a partner for e-commerce, BRdata was the clear choice for the integration, service and features they provide,” said Dean Walker, president, Boyer’s Foods. “In watching the e-commerce trend unfold, we’ve noted the features that we wanted to incorporate. BRdata was receptive and responsive to feedback about the look and feel of our site so we can be confident in both the front-end and the back-end.”

BRdata E-Commerce supports Boyer’s Food’s brand and business objectives as the retailer branches out online. The solution operates through the Boyer’s website and is fully integrated, thus pricing, inventory, coupons, loyalty, rewards, and more come together to create an ideal consumer experience.  It also provides store directors with a robust site management platform within BRdata Cloud.

“Online shopping is a service that consumers now expect when deciding where to purchase their groceries, but it can be a major undertaking for retailers to implement e-commerce effectively,” said John Abbene, president, BRdata. “With the right software, integration and analytics, this service will fit seamlessly into Boyer’s operations and website. Done right, e-commerce can keep existing customers satisfied and bring in new customers who want to grocery shop online”

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About BRdata

BRdata is a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions for the grocery retail and wholesale industry. Applications include master item management, hosting, inventory, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, DSD/DEX receiving, ad planning/deal tracking, merchandising, fresh item management, and warehouse management system (WMS). BRdata Cloud services include dashboards, basket analysis, financials, item movement, customer loyalty, digital coupons, loss prevention, production planning, and meat grind-log tracking. BRdata Collect is an easy, affordable, online shopping/e-commerce solution. BRdata Connect is a white-label consumer app to reach customers, before, during, and after they shop. BRdata supports over 6,500 installations through 2,500 customers, and over 100,000 app users. 8 out of the top 10 and 11 out of the top 14 independent grocery wholesalers either use, resell, or endorse BRdata solutions.