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Independent Insights, Powered by BRdata, is an independent-centric cloud-based program that allows users to see item, category, and basket trends among independents nationwide to more easily determine what items are trending, selling or not selling. Independent Insights users also have the ability to determine what categories are underperforming.Independent Insights also assists vendor partners in helping grocers merchandise and provide volume-based deals through data focused exclusively on independents, rather than being amalgamated with all grocers.

Gain access to the program for only $30 a month, billed annually ($360). Enroll now.

Team up with other independents to produce insights and stay on top of the latest trends
See item and category trends among independents nationwide
See basket count and size trends among independents nationwide
Installation on any store server that can easily access daily t-logs from the POS. Can be run on the POS or Back Office server.
Easily access analytics on any Android or iOS device
See your stores sales
Enhance your BRdata solutions beyond the program with:
Optimal Price Modeling
Lost Shopper Prevention
Demand Forecasting
Customers Per Hour
Loyalty Reporting
Basket Size Metrics and Analysis
Transaction Lookup
Loss Prevention
Promotion Effectiveness
Sales Compares
Run 65+ reports from your browser
Take a look inside the platform:
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