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BRdata Acquires Accelitec to Expand their Advanced Loyalty Platform

BRdata, the leading provider of back-office technology to independent grocers, announced the acquisition of Accelitec, a software company that specializes in offering a complete loyalty suite to retailers. Now more independent grocers can implement the same type of quality rewards program that large chains offer to consumers. This includes access to wallet credits, centralized complex promotions, digital coupons, and AI personalization.

BRdata Analytics: Trend Decomposition

Grocers need to ensure that their shelves are stocked with the items their customers want. Maintaining a high price for an item where market demand is falling uses valuable inventory space as well as shelf space where customers note that their needs aren’t being served. Maintaining a low price for an item where market demand is rising, or simply failing to offer that merchandise, risks lost profit. Both high prices and out-of-stocks nudge customers to look elsewhere. This presents an interesting, and difficult, problem: for which items is market demand rising or falling and by how much?

BRdata Analytics: Item Affinities

Grocers operate in a complex retail environment with thousands of SKUs, only some of which might catch a shopper’s attention on any given visit, whether physical or digital. This presents an interesting, and difficult, problem: which items should be located near each other? Beyond simply organizing items by a grocer’s internal Categories–Category 1 Items together and so on–grocers want to know if there are powerful connections between items in different Categories such that placing these items near each other increases shopper satisfaction and the grocer’s bottom line.

Bartlett’s Farm Launches E-Commerce Service 

BRdata E-Commerce goes live at Bartlett’s Farm in Nantucket FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, N.Y., July 24, 2020 – Bartlett’s Farm, in partnership with BRdata Software Solutions, recently launched an E-commerce initiative under the title, Bartlett’s Farm TO GO. With this online platform, customers can purchase groceries and farm-made prepared food for convenient and local curbside pick-up. […]

Murphy’s Fresh Markets Implements Curbside Pick-up Solution

BRdata E-Commerce goes live at Murphy’s Fresh Markets’ Lakes and Pines Locations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, N.Y., June 17, 2020 – With the support of BRdata’s e-commerce system, Murphy’s Fresh Markets has launched a curbside pick-up model to offer a new grocery shopping alternative. Customers now have the flexibility to order their groceries online for pick-up […]

Annual BRdata World Conference to Highlight the Role of Technology in Helping Grocers Maintain Competitiveness and Preserve Margins

Attendees will get a firsthand look at how BRdata technology solutions can help them participate in the latest retail trends and exceed customer expectations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, N.Y., September 10, 2018 – BRdata World 2018 gives attendees the opportunity to explore ways to use cloud, mobile, and in-store technology solutions to streamline their operations, […]

Affiliated Foods Adopts BRdata Cloud to Track Scan-Based Promotions in Over 400 Stores

BRdata Cloud Vendor Portal serves as the backbone of the solution FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, N.Y., July 23, 2018 – BRdata Cloud recently debuted two new offerings focused on increasing efficiencies between retailers, wholesalers and vendors: Scan Promotion Tracking and Cloud Vendor Portal. Through Scan Promotion Tracking, BRdata Cloud processes stores’ transaction log data to […]

Boyer’s Food Implements Fully Integrated BRdata E-Commerce System

The BRdata E-Commerce platform is live in Boyer’s Orwigsburg and Fleetwood stores FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Melville, N.Y., July 17, 2018– Customers at Boyer’s Food are now able to order their groceries online for pick-up at their local store. The new service is supported by technology from enterprise software company BRdata and is fully integrated with […]

E-commerce, Inventory, and Cloud App

One of the many advantages for BRdata e-commerce retailers is the ability to track inventory to reduce consumer frustration caused by out-of-stocks. Version 8.09 of BRdata Enterprise Host and Store includes the ability to track inventory back to a master UPC. For example, we may sell several UPCs for strawberries or blueberries, but all we’re […]