Affiliated Foods Adopts BRdata Cloud to Track Scan-Based Promotions in Over 400 Stores

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  • Affiliated Foods Adopts BRdata Cloud to Track Scan-Based Promotions in Over 400 Stores

BRdata Cloud Vendor Portal serves as the backbone of the solution


Melville, N.Y., July 23, 2018 – BRdata Cloud recently debuted two new offerings focused on increasing efficiencies between retailers, wholesalers and vendors: Scan Promotion Tracking and Cloud Vendor Portal. Through Scan Promotion Tracking, BRdata Cloud processes stores’ transaction log data to track the number of times promotional items were purchased. Then, at the end of the promotion, BRdata Cloud generates invoices for the vendors and brokers, in addition to providing the necessary data feeds for validation. Affiliated Foods Inc., based in Amarillo, Texas, is implementing BRdata Cloud to track scan-based promotions throughout its 428-store co-operative.

“Collecting POS scan data across our network of independent retailers has been an ongoing challenge for over a decade. The lack of integration cost our members time and opportunities to participate in certain vendor programs,” said Andy Halencak, director of information technology, Affiliated Foods. “Now, instead of inefficiently and inaccurately piecing together information from different stores, we can count on good, clean data daily from BRdata Cloud to strengthen relationships with our vendors, add value to our members, and pass savings and convenience on to customers.”

The BRdata Cloud Vendor Portal will be implemented in the second phase of Affiliated Foods’ system upgrades. Through this new solution, grocery retailers and wholesalers can add seamless communications to their Master Data Management (MDM) systems by allowing vendors and brokers to upload item, cost and promotional information to the Vendor Portal. The solution works well for vendors because single uploads can support hundreds of stores depending on the region. While these systems will integrate seamlessly into existing BRdata databases, using BRdata back office solutions is not a requirement to utilize the Cloud Vendor Portal.

“For Affiliated Foods and other retailers and wholesalers, a cloud-based vendor portal empowers these business partners with the aggregated data to make strategic decisions,” said John Abbene, president, BRdata. “Through these platforms, all parties involved in grocery operations can potentially reduce costs and increase efficiencies.”

About BRdata

BRdata is a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions for the grocery retail and wholesale industry. Applications include master item management, hosting, inventory, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, DSD/DEX receiving, ad planning/deal tracking, merchandising, fresh item management, and warehouse management system (WMS). BRdata Cloud services include dashboards, basket analysis, financials, item movement, customer loyalty, digital coupons, loss prevention, production planning, and meat grind-log tracking. BRdata E-Commerce is an easy, affordable, online shopping/e-commerce solution. BRdata Connect is a white-label consumer app to reach customers, before, during, and after they shop. BRdata supports over 6,500 installations through 2,500 customers, and over 100,000 app users. 8 out of the top 10 and 11 out of the top 14 independent grocery wholesalers either use, resell, or endorse BRdata solutions.