BRdata Loyalty

Reward your loyal customers with targeted deals while tracking their purchases.

Maintain a centralized database and points system. All powered by BRdata Cloud.


Discounts, promotions, and offers work in offline mode, including cross transactional promotions, point accumulation, and in-lane enrollment. When offline customers only lose the ability to redeem credits and digital coupons. 

Creation of banded mobile applications is streamlined and capabilities are flexible to the retailer and across the platform.

Very competitive pricing especially when bundled with other BRdata Cloud modules.

On this system BRdata Cloud is the central source for customers, their points and credits, promotion creation / management, promotion redemption, and analytics.

The BRdata Cloud suite of reports, namely the customer reports, all work with this system and give the wholesaler and retailer the ability to gather meaningful customer metrics for their banner or cross banners.

Overall customer loyalty management has been designed with the wholesaler in mind.

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