Warehouse Management

BRdata’s Warehouse module can help you track your inventory through reporting, slotting, order management, and inventory extraction.

Track and maintain items from the point of arrival at host level, right down to the point of consumer sale at store level.

Maintain Warehouse Perpetual Inventory by Location: Ensure precise inventory management with BRdata’s capability to maintain perpetual inventory by location. This feature allows retailers to track stock levels in real time, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations.

Real-Time Warehouse Inventory Visible to Remote Store: Foster seamless communication between warehouse and store with real-time visibility of warehouse inventory to remote store locations. This transparency empowers retailers to optimize restocking processes and respond promptly to changing demands.

In-Aisle Ordering / Store Warehouse Order Receiving: Streamline ordering and receiving processes with BRdata’s in-aisle ordering and store warehouse order receiving functionalities. This feature facilitates efficient communication between store and warehouse, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment of orders.

Maintain Vendor, Warehouse, and Store Costs: Simplify financial management with BRdata’s ability to maintain vendor, warehouse, and store costs. This comprehensive cost tracking feature enables retailers to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and maximize profitability.

Cache Weight Receiving from Meat Items: Enhance precision in inventory tracking with BRdata’s cache weight receiving from meat items. This feature ensures accurate recording of weights during receiving, providing retailers with reliable data for inventory and costing purposes.

Supports FIFO or Last Purchase Inventory: Adapt inventory management to your preferences with BRdata’s support for FIFO (First In, First Out) or last purchase inventory methods. This flexibility allows retailers to choose the approach that aligns best with their operational needs, optimizing inventory control strategies.

Buyer Purchase Analysis Including PO: Enhance procurement decisions with BRdata’s buyer purchase analysis, which includes detailed purchase order (PO) insights. Retailers can leverage this feature to analyze buying patterns, optimize inventory levels, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Automated PO and Order Creation Based on Inventory Levels: Streamline procurement processes with BRdata’s automated PO and order creation, driven by real-time inventory levels. This automation ensures timely restocking, minimizes stockouts, and maximizes efficiency in managing supply chains.

Generation of Pallet Labels: Simplify logistics and warehouse operations with BRdata’s generation of pallet labels. This feature enables retailers to efficiently label and track palletized inventory, facilitating organized storage and streamlined transportation.

Support for Expiration Dates: Prioritize product freshness and compliance with BRdata’s support for expiration dates. This feature empowers retailers to manage perishable goods effectively, reducing waste and ensuring that customers receive products within their optimal shelf life.

Customer / Store Markups: Optimize pricing strategies with BRdata’s customer and store markup functionalities. This feature allows retailers to apply customizable markups based on customer segments or specific store requirements, ensuring flexibility in pricing for diverse market conditions.

Cross Docking: Boost warehouse efficiency with BRdata’s cross-docking capabilities. This feature streamlines the movement of goods from suppliers to customers, minimizing the need for storage and reducing handling costs. Retailers can expedite the flow of products through the supply chain, improving overall operational efficiency.

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