BRdata Vendor Portal

Improve your data integrity and save time with BRdata Vendor Portal!

BRdata Vendor Portal is a highly flexible data management tool that offers a solution for vendor to retailer communication. This platform supports entry and approval workflow for new items, item updates, cost changes, and deals/allowances.

Increased data visibility and supervision saves on labor costs associated with incorrect data and data entry, allowing retailers to be confident in the accuracy of their results before they flow into downstream systems.

Vendor Portal seamlessly integrates with BRdata Cloud and does not require installment of BRdata HQ or Store systems.

Labor savings
Set your own rules for data integrity, such as acceptable values and nullability
Centralized point of review for multiple vendors
Improved consistency across cost, items, and allowances
Comparative feedback based on existing item databases
Upload conditions for store groups
Multi-factor filtering of records
Separate vendor and retailer interfaces protected by user login
One-time vendor onboarding across the platform
All actions audited

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