Meat Grind Tracking

Meat grind tracking made easy!

Available for iOS or RF Handheld: Our versatile solutions are accessible on both iOS and RF handheld devices, providing retailers the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits their operational needs. Whether you’re on the sales floor or managing inventory remotely, our user-friendly applications ensure a seamless and efficient experience across devices.

Extract Pertinent Data from GS1-128 Case Barcodes: BRdata simplifies data extraction by seamlessly handling GS1-128 case barcodes. Our system is designed to effortlessly extract pertinent information from these barcodes, streamlining inventory processes and ensuring accurate tracking of products from the supplier to the shelf.

Build Bins or Grind by Case: Tailor your inventory management with the ability to build bins or grind by the case. BRdata provides retailers with the flexibility to organize and manage inventory based on their unique requirements, optimizing storage space and ensuring efficient handling of products.

Pull Products from Display: Enhance product availability and customer satisfaction by efficiently pulling products from the display. With BRdata, retailers can easily manage product replenishment, reducing out-of-stock instances and ensuring that shelves are consistently stocked with the items customers are looking for.

Track Cleaning of Grinders: Prioritize food safety and hygiene by tracking the cleaning of grinders. BRdata’s solutions enable retailers to maintain a comprehensive record of grinder cleaning schedules, ensuring compliance with sanitation standards and providing transparency in food processing practices.

Reporting with BRdata Cloud: Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with BRdata Cloud reporting. Our cloud-based platform offers retailers the ability to generate comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights into various aspects of their operations. From inventory management to sales trends, BRdata Cloud reporting empowers retailers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Reporting Includes Queries by Final Product, Ingredient or Grinder: Dive deep into your data with BRdata’s reporting capabilities. Our system allows retailers to run queries by final product, ingredient, or grinder, providing granular insights into the specifics of their inventory and production processes. This level of detail empowers retailers to optimize their offerings and make strategic business decisions.

Cleaner Report and Audits: Ensure compliance and maintain high standards with BRdata’s cleaner report and audit features. Retailers can track cleaning schedules, generate cleaner reports, and conduct audits to uphold hygiene standards. This not only ensures food safety but also instills confidence in customers, reinforcing your commitment to quality and cleanliness.

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