BRdata Analytics

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Trends (via NGA Independent Insights)

Demand Pricing

  • Provides optimal prices for the Category as a whole, including halo effects and cannibalization
  • Adjusts for:
    • Holidays
    • Seasonal trends
    • LinkCodes
    • In-Category competitor prices
    • Ad and TPR prices
  • Uses industry data and your historical data to find best price for Items at each Store
  • Real-time, what-if predictions
  • Optimize for Revenue or Margin
  • Explain any individual price recommendation to user
  • Incorporate competitor prices into model

Sales and Inventory

Demand Forecasting

  • Predicted quantity sold, revenue, and gross margin
  • Track if you’re on target for the month
  • Cuts benchmark prediction error in half


Predict Lost Customers

  • Quadruple your odds of reaching a Lost Customer before they shop somewhere else

Customer Personalization

  • Deliver the right deal to the right customer at the right time
    • Use experiments to identify the most effective campaigns in your budget

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