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BRdata Earns IGA Red Oval Partner Feature


Melville, N.Y., April 3, 2024–BRdata is very grateful for our partnership with IGA that allows us to work together to provide technology solutions to independent grocers. Following the announcement that BRdata won the Red Oval Service Provider of the year award, IGA published a Red Oval partner spotlight, featuring an interview with John Abbene, BRdata President, that gives a high-level overview of a few of our available services from wholesaler to consumer.

About BRdata

BRdata is a company that grocery retailers and wholesalers know and trust and a leading provider of end-to-end enterprise software solutions to independents for over 40 yearsApplications include centralized item management, inventory, AI pricing, forecasting, and personalization, automated intelligent ordering, price optimization, DSD/DEX receiving, ad planning/deal tracking, merchandising, fresh item management, and warehouse management system (WMS)BRdata Cloud services include dashboards, basket analysis, financials, item movement, vendor portal, customer loyalty, loss prevention, production planning, cashier balancing, labor budgeting and forecasting, and meat grind-log trackingBRdata Connect is a white-label consumer app to reach customers, before, during, and after they shopNGA Independent Insights powered by BRdata is an integrated tool to easily identify items and categories trending among independents nationwide compared to actual salesBRdata e-commerce is an easy, affordable, online shopping solutionBRdata supports over 7,000 stores through 2,500 customers.

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