Pick-Rite Thriftway Leverages Data to Increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty

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Pick-Rite Thriftway Leverages Data to Increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty


Melville, N.Y., May 22, 2024–Marc Galland and his team at Pick-Rite Thriftway, a single store operator in a rural community, are long-time users of BRdata Loyalty with over 15 years of experience with the software. 10 years ago, Marc noticed a decline in his print circulation, which included 8,000+ weekly print ads. With his Total Access member penetration at 65% of store sales, Marc decided that email and loyalty campaigns were the best and most affordable way to engage with customers. After the switch, Pick-Rite Thriftway saved 70% in print advertising costs and by reinvesting that saved cost into loyalty and digital marketing, Marc ensured there would be no drop in sales or customer count. Today, Pick-Rite Thriftway is still relying on this loyalty model to steadily increase their sales and customer count.

Comparing year to date to 2023, Pick-Rite Thriftway is achieving a 89.22% increase in member visits, 48.47% increase in unique members visits, and 67.15% in member purchases. Marc continues to increase these numbers by collaborating with our team of engagement experts and analyzing his customer data to create a simple and consistent data-driven strategy. The strategy over the last 6 months has been tailored to Pick-Rite Thriftway’s initiatives to increase member sales and frequency.

Our focus has been on crafting a strategy that targets lost or declining shoppers across the store and by department and organizes weekend exclusive sales, segmentation basket builders, contests, and in-store Kid Club events. Not only are Marc’s loyalty promotions increasing customer count, visits, and overall purchases, his ROI is always positive for each promotion, typically ranging from 152% to 504% with COGS. Pick-Rite Thriftway’s key to success is an omni-channel approach to marketing across all available platforms: Email, Website, Facebook, and in-store print copies, as well as the IGA digital ad, to ensure the loyalty promotions reach the right customers on their preferred marketing platform.

“Utilizing not just the software, but also the expertise of Amy and her skilled team, has allowed me to save money, grow sales and customer count, and engage with customers on different platforms. I see that growth continuing to increase each year as we find more new and innovative ways to customize Pick-Rite Thriftway’s Total Access program to target different segments and customers, simply delivering each of them a unique experience and value.” – Marc Gallad, Owner of Pick-Rite Thriftway

About BRdata

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