Being that so much has changed in the grocery retail industry the past two years, it was imperative to host an in-person conference. By October, it will three years since the last BRdata user’s conference and the feedback to meet again in-person has been very affirming.  As always, the conference will be focused on education and best practices, through thought-provoking sessions and case studies from industry leaders and your peers, ensuring attendees are getting the most value from their grocery retail technology investments.  Video conferencing has forever changed meetings; however, it cannot replace insights gained from in-person networking and sharing.  Additionally, through the exhibiting vendor partners, attendees can see other automation technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations. 

Addressing inflation, product shortages, and labor challenges is paramount.  Price optimization, computer generated ordering (CGO), data aggregation, and vendor collaboration are some of the ways these opportunities can be met.  

The volume of price and inventory changes is unrelenting. Learn how autonomous models and processes can be used to easily identify an item’s price elasticity, manage TPRs, forecast item and category sales, and provide insights after execution.  Through these models, retailers can experience gross profit and revenue gains of 1 to 6% on the optimized items, which can bring a rapid ROI on the technology.  Also, learn how optimizing inventory can reduce shrink, inventory, out-of-stocks, and costs, while increasing gross-margin, efficiencies, cash-flows, and customer satisfaction. 

One of the many things that makes independent grocers unique is their ability to listen to the consumer and tailor their stores to the communities around them. Through the analysis of sales data from independent grocers, retailers can make merchandising decision that further their focus on the regional and national consumer purchasing habits. 

New this year, NGA and BRdata released Independent Insights, an independent-centric cloud-based program that allows users to do just that. On this program you can easily and intuitively see items and categories trending among independents nationwide, allowing you to more easily determine categories or items that you are underselling or not carrying. Learn more about this program and how you can get be at the forefront of consumer purchase trends. 





Additional Information

Feedback from BRdata World

“What a great conference! Loved the venue, and I left really excited about what’s next for T&C and BRdata. I am super anxious to start working together on the vendor portal. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see that may of the projects we have planned over the next 18 months are on your roadmap. This again reassured me that our partnership is the best choice for T&C”

Town and Country Markets (Washington)

“I wanted to thank you again for putting on such a great conference!  I always enjoy them, but they seem to keep getting better and better.  The level of knowledge present at your conference is amazing I must say.  There are so many VERY intelligent people that attend on both your team and the retailer’s side. Your speakers were also VERY relevant I thought.  John Coyle’s presentation on time and having meaningful experiences can be applied to virtually every aspect of a person’s life in my opinion.  It also applies to business and time management, from the C-Suite to a bagger.  Professor O’Malley’s presentation is spot on in my opinion as well.  It will take some of that much longer to hit our rural markets, but it is certainly coming.  As buying habits change, an organization must remain pliable and change with it, or the organization will cease to exist.  I think it so great to see the very bright young people that have joined your team!  Thanks again, and it was great seeing you as always.  I already look forward to next year!”

Town and Country Supermarkets/Country Mart (Missouri)

“Great mixture between Retailers, wholesalers, and vendors. I like how it is broken into general sessions & breakout. Sunday events are always fun, and the dinners were great!

Classes were well participated – good questions and ideas.”

Associated Food Stores

“I thought the conference was great. The best part of the conference for me is networking with other retailers that are facing similar issues and operating in similar environments with similar equipment. Also, meeting the teams that we work with everyday either on development or support is always very valuable.”


“The conference was excellent, makes you feel like you are an important part of the company. I have taken a lot of information back to make us a better organization.”


“Great job on the conference to you and all of your team at BRdata.  I came away remembering why we partnered with you guys to start with and left motivated to start taking even greater advantage of the powerful tool that is BRdata Cloud.”

Firelake Discount Foods

“Loved the general session speakers.  Good conference overall. Hope to be back next year.”

Grocers Supply

“Awesome.  Learn a lot from roundtables.  Learning from everyone.”

Ridley’s Supermarkets

“Great interaction with the BR Data personnel. I enjoyed hearing about the updates, and appreciate hearing what others are doing with the program. Probably the best conference or seminar I have ever attended. The BR Data folks are listening, and trying to develop the program with the needs of the users in mind.”


I can go back knowing that I can restart conversations with people. Part of a group.  Impressive how can serve so many different interests.  Enjoyed tremendously, need to twist other arms to attend next conference.

Three Bears

“Excellent presenters, everyone is so personable and knowledgeable.”


“Liked the networking. The case studies by other retailers were informative.”

Woods Supermarket

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