Retailers small and large, especially those in the grocery industry, are continuing to realize the growing importance of technology to maintain competitive and to preserve margins.  Today, technology plays a central role in a growing number of consumers’ everyday life, especially the Millennials, and there is now an expectation that retailers offer web, mobile, and in-store technology solutions that will enhance the customer’s shopping experience and connection with the retailer.

Since BRdata’s primary goal is to be your end-to-end solution from the wholesaler to the consumer, we have allocated significant resources to further enhance our e-commerce, loyalty, mobile applications, and business intelligence (cloud) solutions, while maintaining focused on growing our core applications.  Our evolving set of interconnected product offerings ensure that you have the tools to provide your customers with a consistent and fulfilling in-and-out-of-store experience that drives customer loyalty, engagement, and basket size.

At the 2019 BRdata World conference you will learn from our multitude of speakers, industry peers, and team members about the new and existing modules that BRdata has to offer and how they can empower you to make informed and profitable business decisions while enhancing the flexibility, scalability, data quality, and cost-effectiveness of your operations.  Learn how our e-commerce platform can quickly provide your customers with an online marketplace while avoiding integration issues and unwarranted high fees, how BRdata Cloud can provide meaningful business intelligence to you anywhere via a web browser or your mobile device utilizing data that you already have in your system, how BRdata’s loyalty offerings can drive customer engagement and loyalty, and how our back office modules streamline your business operations.

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Feedback from BRdata World 2018

“What a great conference! Loved the venue, and I left really excited about what’s next for T&C and BRdata. I am super anxious to start working together on the vendor portal. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see that may of the projects we have planned over the next 18 months are on your roadmap. This again reassured me that our partnership is the best choice for T&C”

Town and Country Markets (Washington)

“I wanted to thank you again for putting on such a great conference!  I always enjoy them, but they seem to keep getting better and better.  The level of knowledge present at your conference is amazing I must say.  There are so many VERY intelligent people that attend on both your team and the retailer’s side. Your speakers were also VERY relevant I thought.  John Coyle’s presentation on time and having meaningful experiences can be applied to virtually every aspect of a person’s life in my opinion.  It also applies to business and time management, from the C-Suite to a bagger.  Professor O’Malley’s presentation is spot on in my opinion as well.  It will take some of that much longer to hit our rural markets, but it is certainly coming.  As buying habits change, an organization must remain pliable and change with it, or the organization will cease to exist.  I think it so great to see the very bright young people that have joined your team!  Thanks again, and it was great seeing you as always.  I already look forward to next year!”

Town and Country Supermarkets/Country Mart (Missouri)

“Just completed two days of learning, sharing networking and inspiring key note speakers at BRdataWorld2018. My team and I are excited to jump in with both feet into our next event horizon! Thank you, John, and the BRdata team for hosting a great event.”

New Morning Market

“As always, a great conference & I learned new skills & brushed up on my old skills.”

New Morning Market

“Great job on the conference to you and all of your team at BRdata.  I came away remembering why we partnered with you guys to start with and left motivated to start taking even greater advantage of the powerful tool that is BRdata Cloud.”

Firelake Discount Foods

“The conference was excellent, makes you feel like you are an important part of the company. I have taken a lot of information back to make us a better organization.”


“Loved the general session speakers.  Good conference overall. Hope to be back next year.”

Grocers Supply

“Keynotes were fantastic. I gained a lot from the NYU Professor.”

Woods Supermarket

“Excellent presenters, everyone is so personable and knowledgeable.”

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