The complete solution for all of your retail software needs

BRdata Software Solutions has over 38 years of experience in the retail world. We can provide all of your digital grocery needs ranging from back office solutions, right down to consumers.

Access BRdata from anywhere on any device.

Easy, affordable, online shopping powered by you!

Reach your customers before, during, and after they shop with a branded consumer app.

A complete back-office solution for wholesalers, retailers and grocery store chains.

Staying connected with BRUG

Become a member of the BRdata User Group (BRUG) to stay involved in the BRdata community.

Stay up to date of new development, offer usability suggestions, network with your peers, and seek guidance.

BRUG members very much drive the direction of the company so use the various valuable resources to stay connected.

  • BRUG Email Group

    An excellent resource to ask questions and share information with fellow peers and BRdata experts.

  • BRUG Focus Groups

    Stay up to date, offer suggestions, ask questions or simply listen in. Meetings are scheduled each month and include topics like eCommerce, DSD and inventory, and Usability.

  • BRdata Knowledge Base

    An up-to-date resource to find information to solve your problems. Receive ongoing training and stay abreast of new development.

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Learn about upcoming events and new program releases/updates, in addition to tips and the scheduled dates for upcoming BRUG meetings.



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