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As the number of retailers offering e-commerce expands exponentially to match the growing customer demand, having an e-commerce site is now a necessity to remain competitive in this already competitive market.  Unfortunately, the per transaction, additional labor, and high annual fees of some of the leading platforms are making e-commerce an unprofitable venture for most.  For those of you who do not know, BRdata offers an easy-to-use, affordable solution, which is seamlessly integrated to your existing data.  Please join us on May 15, at 2:00 pm ET, as we are hosting a webinar for anyone who would like to learn how to leverage BRdata E-Commerce to quickly be a part of the online grocery shopping movement, while maintaining your margins.  Our reasonably priced, transaction fee free solution offers a sleek customer facing website with a robust site management platform (order management, picking, and site customization).  Please email Mike Abbene, at, if you’re interested in attending the webinar.

BRdata Cloud users can now easily drill-down to a specific store in their enterprise to analyze basket transactions.  An optimized search is provided to identify the queried transactions, utilizing several filters – such as date, time, tender, cashier, register, UPC, and transaction amount.  Check out this month’s feature spotlight to learn more about this powerful query utility.

As always thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support. 


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