BRdata E-commerce Platform

June 30, 2017

With the recent announcements in the grocery retail industry, every retailer should be considering implementing an e-commerce platform for customers to shop at their store online.  There are many options to choose from, but the biggest challenge is providing accurate data to your e-commerce website.  Our e-commerce solution, BRdata Collect, solves this difficult problem.

Several retailers have adopted BRdata Collect.  The prevalent reason is gaining peace of mind knowing that your essential item, price, location, inventory, and point of sale data will be seamlessly integrated to your online store.   There is no reason to stress over integrating your data to another third party provider.  You are already maintaining most of the information to quickly launch your brand online in your BRdata database.  In addition to an integrated loyalty system and a consumer app, we also can offer digital manufacturer coupons.  BRdata Collect is a complete end to end solution, provided by the company you know and trust.  You will be assured of a solution that will be enhanced and supported well into the future, as BRdata has been developing retail software since 1979.  Please contact BRdata sales when you are ready to get started with your e-commerce platform.

Now is a good time to register and book your travel if you are planning on attending our next user’s conference.  BRdata World 2017 is September 17-20, at the Melville Marriot, on Long Island.  Please visit our website to register or for the latest listing of the sessionscase studies, and networking activities.

As always, thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.


John Abbene
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