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Michael Abbene, Product Specialist
October 18, 2017

Staying competitive as an independent grocer in today’s market means you need to act fast in response to trends and consumer expectations. Alternatively, you never want to make a business decision without thinking through the reasons behind it and potential implications. Real-time cloud-based consumer data and store analytics can help you do both by making it easier and more convenient than ever to quickly understand and react to insights related to every aspect of your store.

Through a cloud reporting service, like BRdata Cloud, you can access real-time data and run analysis reports from anywhere you have a browser – at your store, at home or on a business trip, on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone, truly anywhere. From analyzing the features of your customer loyalty program to reviewing your financials and hourly sales, you can run a plethora of reports, dashboards and subsets to better understand the factors currently impacting your business.

Reports based on data analytics take the guess work out of the promotions, programs and products your store offers as you’re able to track customers’ shopping preferences, habits, spending and more. Plus, full integration with your back-office system ensures that your data is current, accurate and provides meaningful insights, all packaged in an easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, the number of reports and app functionality are rapidly growing. New reports or features are added every two weeks!

A clear understanding of the elements that are making a difference in your store can help you refocus, eliminate what’s not working, and spend more time on what is driving business success. Visit to learn more about what a cloud-based reporting solution can do for your business.