Enterprise retail software solutions from the wholesaler to the consumer.


Ad Planner:  Advanced merchandiser promotional planning tool
Cloud:  Access reports from anywhere on any device
Competitor Price Tracking:  Track and react to competitor’s pricing
CollectEasy, affordable, online shopping powered by YOU!
Connect:  A consumer app to engage your shoppers
DEX:  Import vendors at delivery time
DSD:  Direct store delivery system that allows users to instantly and easily verify deliveries
Financials:  Electronically captures daily POS sales, tax, and media totals
Grind Log Tracking:  Digitally maintain Meat Grind Logs as per new USDA-FSIS regulations
Host:  Complete host support for the enterprise
Inventory:  Gives users the resources needed to track and maintain inventory
Loyalty:  Consolidated customer file and customer purchase history
Mobile ApplicationsPerform tasks such as ordering and competitor price tracking with the use of your iOS device
Ordering:  Powerful, easy-to-use graphical ordering system
Price Optimization:  Profit Analyzer, demand based pricing
Scale Link Fresh item management
Store In-store retail solution
Warehouse Management:  Track and maintain warehouse items through reporting, slotting, order management, and inventory extraction