BRdata Ordering Module Powerful, easy-to-use graphical ordering system

Produces immediate ROI using the following features

  • Scan by UPC or Item Code
  • Ability to see item’s information when ordering, which can be viewed locally at the store or from the corporate host via thin-client
  • Reads centralized wholesaler’s allowances and cost Information, as well as the item’s retail and sale information
  • Item Status – prevent ordering of discontinued items. Know when you scan the item that you can’t get it, instead of continually ordering the item and never receiving it.
  • Unlimited History of Orders at store
  • Import Electronic Invoices from Wholesaler at the store to identify and print discrepancies
  • Ability to resume/view existing order on any handheld
  • Multiple handhelds can work on the same order at the same time
  • Ability to resend a “standard order”
  • Scan back-room inventory using BRdata Inventory capture feature.
  • User can see what’s in back-room inventory when item is ordered and when viewing the order on the PC
  • Custom price entry and label requests integrated to BRdata Store (definable by store or user)
  • Utilize Alert Notification System for Order Confirmations, option to activate for orders less than minimum, or to send notifications for orders placed after deadline and unscheduled.
  • Orders can be sent from the PC in store, the wireless handheld or from the corporate host.
  • Once orders are sent, the user is notified immediately when the order confirmation is received either from the PC or on the handheld
  • Check Deals option allows the retailer to identify 1) items ordered that have an upcoming deal 2) Items ordered that have an ending deal or 3) items not ordered that have an ending deal.
  • See previous orders for the item when ordering
  • Can run as a stand-alone module (without BRdata Store)