Mobile Applications

Cellphone scanning product

Competitor Price Tracking:

With the Competitor Price Tracking application, users can easily capture competitor prices without the use of handhelds.  The application is stand-alone and does not need to be connected to a live system. When scanning items the application can record UPC, price, and price type. The captured data can then be imported into the BRdata pricing system for use with the Competitor Price Tracking module.

Ordering Application:

The BRdata Ordering application for iOS devices allows users to easily create orders for their vendors. While creating orders users can quickly view item information, retail, cost, size, warehouse movement, inventory, minimum order quantities, and reclaim percentage. Users can request tags and custom retails. Once the order is complete, it can be submitted to the vendor who will send a confirmation back to the user.


  • SQL database
  • Web server
  • Web service integration: Real time inventory, asynchronous transfers, order posting, future orders (pre-books), history, valid order types/departments
  • Local database on device: Need for speed
  • Ordering
  • UPCA,UPCE8, MSI/Plessey
  • QR Codes/price audit
  • Inventory
  • Item lookup
  • Tag requests
  • Standard app look and feel
  • Swipe gestures, etc.