BRdata Cloud App

March 31, 2017

We’re pleased to announce the release of the BRdata Cloud App.  Now BRdata Cloud retailers can query item sales information for their store or entire chain with an intuitive app.  This release is just the beginning as we envision the BRdata Cloud App replacing the functionality of the traditional Windows handheld store devices.  Retailers are no longer confined to their network, as the potential exists for any information available in BRdata Host or Store databases to be made available on any Apple or Android device.  The app is available today in Google Play for Android and pending release in the App Store for iOS devices.  Current BRdata Cloud users can log into the app with their existing credentials.  We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

This month we are starting a new user focus group for current and potentials users of our e-commerce platform, BRdata Collect.  E-commerce best practices, features, functionality, and future development will be discussed.  Please email me to attend the commencement meeting on Thursday, April 27th, if you are a current BRdata Collect user or interested in learning more on how your store can quickly compete in today’s online shopping environment.

We are presenting an information and user experience packed session list for BRdata World 2017 to the BRUG Board of Directors on April 13th.  The conference agenda will be posted once approved by your peers on the BRUG board.  The early bird rate ends May 1st, so please register early and save if you plan on attending.

As always, thank you for choosing BRdata for your retail technology needs and for your continued support.


John Abbene
BRdata |